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Employment & FAA flight physicals

Employment physicals

If you need a physical exam required by your employer, Novant Health Blakeney Family Physicians is here for you! Our providers regularly perform pre-employment physicals as well as periodically required medical examinations (eg. DOT exam and fire deparment physicals) and life insurance examinations.

FAA flight physicals

Our clinic is also proud to offer FAA medical certification. As an active pilot and a former U.S. Air Force Flight Surgeon, Dr. Mueller with our Blakeney office enjoys performing FAA flight physicals in the office. It is his goal to keep you safe and in the air!

The FAA’s Medical Certification Branch of the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute (CAMI) in Oklahoma City, OK has instituted a computerized version of the Form 8500-8. This innovation will simplify the process for you and will speed up the check-in process for both you and our office.

It works like this:

  • Go online to Follow the prompts. The form you fill out online is identical to the form that you fill out in the office.
  • After you complete this form, print it then save it. Your confirmation number will be at the bottom of the page. Bring the printed out version with the confirmation number to the office with you. The confirmation number allows us to access the completed form online and add to it the results of your medical exam plus transmit both your part and our part together to the FAA in OKC.
  • Once you have printed the confirmation page, please call and make your appointment, as soon as possible, since MedXpress only keeps the information for 60 days before deleting it.
  • Some of you have asked how are you going to remember the data off your last exam since you usually get it from a previous copy of your exam here at the office. This time be sure that you take your copy home with you so you can refer to it next time. For future exams, you can simply refer to the last copy that you saved in “My Documents” or wherever you chose to save it.

Be sure that while you are online, you print out a copy of your completed form to bring with you to the office, in case, for some reason, we can’t access it (for instance, we have a computer glitch). We will no longer be carrying the 8500-8 form in the office, so if the above process is not done, your flight physical will have to be rescheduled. Also, as previously mentioned, be sure you save a copy on your computer for next time. If you have questions or make an error, we can answer questions or make changes here at the office so, give it a try! Good Luck!

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